Programma 6

Luigi Antonio Chierico – T’amo pio bove (I love you pious ox)

by Tiziano Sossi · Italia · 2013 · 65' · IN COMPETITION · Festival delle Terre

Thursday 1 December 2016
Cinema Trevi

Programma 6

The moving story of a farmer who has rented a large farm outside Pavia, under threat of eviction. Within three years has to find the place for its 25 local breeds of cows, plus other farm animals. Milk is what makes him survive, without aid from the State. An emblematic story of how farmers are struggling to go along with the prevailing mechanization where the poor animals are squeezed to the last drop. Luigi Antonio really loves his cows and their calves and uses the example the famous poem by Giosuè Carducci “T’Amo Pio Bove” as a symbol of resistance. Unpublished was only presented to a conference of winemakers.

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Direction Tiziano Sossi Screenplay Tiziano Sossi Photography Tiziano Sossi Editing Tiziano Sossi Sound Tiziano SossiProduction T.A.S. produzioni