Mare Nostro 1

Mare nostro (Our sea)

by Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola · Italia · 2016 · 56' · IN COMPETITION · Premio Crocevia · Festival delle Terre

Friday 2 December 2016
Cinema Trevi

Mare Nostro 1

Molfetta, a southern Italian town overlooking the Adriatic.Here the sea is not only the background of picturesque postcard landscapes.Fishing and maritime trade have shaped over the centuries the social and economic ecosystem of the city.Through the voices of some fishermen, Mare Nostro weaves and reassembles fragments and memories of a place, the Port of Molfetta, in which the boundaries between news and ancient rituals, historical facts and personal memories are blurred.

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Direction Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola Screenplay Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola Photography Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola Editing Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola Music G. Sviridov "Sacred Love" (Naxos)Sound Andrea Gadaleta CaldarolaProduction Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola e Rosanna Rizzi