Programma - Festival delle Terre 2017 14

Más arriba de todos (Higher than all)

by Elisa Bucchi e Nicola Bogo · Italia – Perù · 2016 · 31' · IN COMPETITION · Popoli Nativi. Racconti di Dignità · Festival delle Terre

Thursday 30 November 2017
Cinema Trevi

Programma - Festival delle Terre 2017 14

An ancient Quechua legend tells that God Pachacamac, appalled by the suffering of the mountain inhabitants, decided to give them llamas and alpacas. God, however, warned men that on the day they did not care for these animals, he would intervene to rescue them and disappear with them forever. That day would be the end of the world

A trip over 4000 meters alongside Sixto Flores Delgado to discover the most remote and isolated areas of Peru where alpaqueros communities live. Here rigid climates and high altitude do not allow any agricultural work and alpaca breeding is the only traditional economic livelihood.

Sixto is 78, the story is about his life, his love for his work, and the respectful relationship with nature that becomes almost veneration. An ancient and precious knowledge of the Incas that we discover, through his eyes, still resides in the Peruvian Andes.

Elisa Bucchi and Nicola Bogo

Programma - Festival delle Terre 2017 15Elisa Bucchi and Nicola Bogo work as a freelance filmmakers since 2009. In 2013 they founded ProduzioniYPico, an independent video production team that makes documentaries, taking care of every aspect of production and development [from script to post-production, to music]. The films mainly deal with issues related to human rights and the relationship between cultures; tell stories where the protagonists remain people without becoming characters.



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Screenplay Elisa Bucchi Photography Elisa Bucchi Editing Nicola Bogo / Elisa Bucchi Sound Nicola BogoProduction PRODUZIONIYPICO