Mingong 4


by Davide Crudetti · Italia · 2016 · 52' · IN COMPETITION · Premio Berta Film · Festival delle Terre

Friday 2 December 2016
Cinema Trevi

Mingong 4

“What does it mean to leave?

Leave friends, newborn children, the mountains where you grew up?

Get on the bus, to the big city. Living in five in one room, the same as thousands of other rooms.

What does it mean to return?

See a village of elders aging run after a future that leaves no space.

Replace your wooden house with one similar but made with concrete.

Find everything and recognize nothing. “

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Direction Davide Crudetti Screenplay Flaminia Gressi Photography Davide Crudetti Editing Federico Palmerini, Patrizio Partino Music Opera DongSound Riccardo Spagnol, Alessandro FusaroliProduction Davide Crudetti, Lavinia Pastore