Raver Eolica 9

Raver Eolica

by Luciano Curreli · Italia · 2016 · 7' · Festival delle Terre

Friday 2 December 2016
Cinema Trevi

Raver Eolica 9

A contemporary Don Quixote is wandering in the countryside with his faithful Sancho Panza, when his motorcycle break down in front of a field of wind turbines located in the middle of nowhere.

The windmill is an opponent to challenge? Maybe not, cannot be bad something nourished by the wind.

They see from a distance a beautiful woman dancing electronic music. The girl is strangely connected to a wind turbine with a large cable to take the energy of the wind. The raver dances with endless rhythm, without missing a beat. It’s like an engine.

The two start dancing opposite each other, as in a duel. They challenge. But she has an edge, dancing without making any effort, wind energy nourishing her naturally.

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Direction Luciano Curreli Screenplay Davide Manuli Photography Tarek Ben Abdallah Editing Valeria Biclungo Music FinsterSound Davide SardoProduction Blue Film