Wind of Change 2

Wind of Change

by Julia Dahar · KENYA, NORVEGIA · 2012 · 40' · Festival delle Terre

Tuesday 13 October 2015
Teatro Ambra

Wind of Change 1

This documentary gives the drought a human face and brings us closer to the challenges that individuals face from climate change. The film follows a farmer in Kenya with big dreams and a vision for his family’s future. He and his family fight against the effects of both global and local human-induced climate change, experiencing a rainy season that unfortunately has been marked by less rain than usual in recent years. Beautiful images and the farmer’s own video diary provide an intimate look at their struggle.

Julia Dahar

Wind of ChangeJulia Dahr is a Norwegian director, producer and activist. “Wind of Change” is his International debut film, a film that tries to create awareness on the issue of climate change.

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