Winter Light (Vinterlys) 1

Winter Light (Vinterlys)

di Skule Eriksen · Norvegia · 2011 · 25' · IN CONCORSO · Festival delle Terre

mercoledì 8 Maggio 2013
Nuovo Cinema Aquila

Winter Light is a poetic film from the archipelago of Lofoten in winter. After weeks of low autumn light, the sun sinks below the horizon and stays there during the depths of winter. But the scarce light has its subtle beauty, as it falls on people’s everyday life as well as the unique Arctic landscape.

“Through the universal language of photography, the author shows us the harmony between culture and nature, between civilization and the surrounding environment. He takes us to the peaks that rise from the sea, recounting the life of a community with non-invasive tenderness and sober stylistic rigor. And shows us an unexpected light.” From the jury´s report, awarding VINTERLYS the Grand Prix Lessinia at Lessinia Film Festival in Italy.


Lessinia d´Oro (Grand Prix Lessinia of the Communità Montana della Lessinia), Lessinia Film Festival, Italia 2012
Best International Short Documentary, Documentary Edge, New Zealand 2012

Skule Eriksen

Winter Light (Vinterlys)Skule Eriksen has worked extensively as an editor on features, documentaries and commercials. But he has also made his own short and documentary films. He received the Honorary Award ”Lyskasteren 2010” – from Western Norway Film Centre.

Ørnerovet (1975), dokumentar 50 min.
Når samfunn dør (1976), novellefilm, 30 min.
Kystfeskar (1981), dokumentar, 30 min.
Mo Sami Valdet/Slik tar de Sameland (1983), dokumentar, 30 min.
(vist på NRK, BBC, SVT, YLE, RUI, sovjetisk TV, kinesisk TV, kanadisk TV)
Trollskogen (1986), novellefilm, 20 min.
Edvard Munch Post Mortem (1989), eksperimentfilm, 10 min.
Slakteren (1989), novellefilm, 20 min.
Sak 216 B (1998), dokumentar 8 min.
Fattighuset* (2001), dokumentar 50 min.
Kriss* (2003), dokumentar 25 min.
Siste sommer på Hekkingen* (2007), dokumentarfilm 28 min
Fjord* (2009), dokumentarfilm, 24 min
Vinterlys* (2011-2012) dokumentarfilm, 24 min
Horisont* (2012) dokumentarfilm, 24 min

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