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 1-4 december at Cinema Trevi
4 december Città dell’Altra Economia

The 13th edition of Festival delle TerreInternational Quadiovisula Award of Biodiversity-  returns to Rome from 1 to 4 December 2016 at Cinema Trevi Cinema in Rome, displaying numerous works, including documentaries, investigative films and animations to witness the universe of rights bound to the land through the eyes and words of those who are the protagonist: small food producers, local communities, indigenous peoples and all those who fight to defend their land, territory and food sovereignty.

25 films in the program, 17 in competition, hosted in the three sections “Resistant Lands“, “Native Peoples. stories of dignity “and” Preserving the Planet, alternatives to feed the world “. So many stories told, along with female and male authors who will meet the public in the magnificent movie theater Trevi, the one and only cinema in the world inside a Roman domus. The stories, of which the Festival becomes a witness, tell of the various forms of denial of rights, resistances and alternatives with a view to conservation of “biodiversity“, understood as biological social and cultural diversity. They are common and at the same time complex stories that once known can radically change our vision of the world. These are the stories of those who produce food and resists in the fields, in the seas, in the forests but also in the metropolis increasingly huge and unbearable. These are the themes always dear to our festival. It is the idea of food sovereignty as an alternative to financial speculation on the planet’s resources.

The variety of stylistic figures and proposed looks does not end in the interplay between fiction and reality cinema: will be programming very different works ranging from the animation documentary genre (Full Petrol Jacket) to the investigation report ( I Vajont, Mare Nostro), the research documentary (A3) to the anthropological (Strana Udehe, Mingong), through testimonies from around the world and with many domestic premieres (Code of Survival, Atlantic, Historia do futuro, Ethiopia Rising and others).

The works presented come from all over the world: we will produce a subtitled version in Italian, available to the authors, to allow the film to reach a wider audience while not altering the evidence brought to the screen. Space is given to the works of small independent producers, who are struggling to find a place in a commercial circuit that does not always reward the quality. The event aims to help raise awareness of the cultural identity of peoples, understood in a broad sense, as the set of spiritual, material, intellectual aspects that characterize a society or social group. That’s why the initiative also includes several documentaries dedicated to the theme of cultural identity and the rights of migrants. This year will be awarded three prizes: the Crocevia Award – 500 euro, the Berta Film Award, for the second year in a row, and a novelty, the audience award.

We organize meetings with the authors of the film, more and more involved in the Festival. The defense of collective land rights and “the reasons of the new farmhands” are the themes of the insight meeting proposed this year. On December 3, at 18.30, there’ll be an important debate “Land reform, between past and future”, centered on the new framework law for peasant agriculture, in discussion at the Chamber of Deputies.

Numerous parallel initiatives will take place at the Città dell’Altra Economia: prints and paintings exhibitions, a musical reading, the final prizegiving, in addition to a selection of the festival works and a strictly organic food tasting.

Being able to put it up and offer it to the public is a great satisfaction. The festival is self-produced and the “thrust” that leads us to commit ourselves without economic exchange is combined with that of millions of men and women who continue to stubbornly resist all over the planet the barbarism produced by a system that only produces injustices, the thrust of the people who read, write, express and affirm strongly: “Future is unwritten”, say the organizers, Danilo Licciardello, Erica Romano, Andrea Ferrari Toniolo.

Festival delle Terre is organized by Centro Internazionale Crocevia, an association of international solidarity and cooperation, active since 1958 in the fields of education, communication and agriculture. Crossroads promotes and implements training activities, campaigns and projects in support of indigenous and peasant communities, and seeks the establishment of international solidarity networks such as the International Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC on Food Sovereignty).

1-4 december 2016 _ Cinema Trevi, Vicolo del Puttarello 25 – Roma
4 december _ Città dell’Altra Economia, Largo Dino Frisullo – Roma
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