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Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Brendan Gleeson, Atlantic follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities – in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland – as they struggle to maintain their way of life in the face of mounting economic and ecological challenges. As the oil majors drive deeper into their fragile […]


Autostrada A3

Autostrada A3 (Highway A3)

Compared to the rhythms of peasant societies today everything is hectic and time is given importance, first of all economic. Highway A3 is both the past and the future, encompasses the concepts of time and space, architecture and landscape. The man is master of himself in balance with nature and […]


The documentary follows the life of Sharon, a little girl living near Brasimone Lake, on the Appennino. This is an uncontaminated place where everyone lives according to nature. However in the last three years a nuclear reactor (still under construction) is threatening the place and the lives of its inhabitants. […]

Brasimone 2

Chi semina raccoglie

Chi semina raccoglie (Reap what you sow)

“How is our daily bread made? Where does the flour come from? How is wheat cultivated?” Back in 2006 the Solidarity Purchasing Groups of Brianza asked themselves these questions. Their answer was a real challenge: to rebuild a local production of bread, starting from seeds. This was far from easy. […]


Ecological film about big adventure of one small turtle which is trying to find his family. Olga Poliektova e Jaume Quiles Olga Poliektova and her twin sister Tatiana were born in St-Petersburg, Russia. Since early years they began to draw and graduated Art school and at the University of Cinema […]

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Code of survival

“Worldwide, millions of tons of „Roundup“, with its active ingredient glyphosate, are applied to the land year after year. The alarming consequences: poisoned soils, resistant superweeds, contaminated crops and sick livestock. Nonetheless, especially the United States adhere to the destructive model of GM-agriculture. Three sustainable projects in India, Egypt and […]

Code of survival 2


Çapulcu: voices from Gezi

The struggle of some tens of environmentalists to save Gezi Park trees becomes the biggest political movement for human rights which Turkey has ever known. The film is a snapshot of what we have seen and what we have been told. The voices: students, lawyers, architects, journalists, activists; young and […]


Twenty years after the tragic events that upset Bosnia, DERT stirs in the places of the memory of a country marked by the war but it is not a film on the victims and on the pain. It is the testimony of an extraordinary collective experience founded on dignity and […]


Diario de una lucha 1

Diario de una lucha

A small community of Canary Islands try to preserve his rights when a big oil corporation begin to drill in search for the oil in the middle of the uncontaminated Ocean. ALICE VIVONA Editor and filmmaker since 2003, Alice Vivona has made several produced in-house documentaries, as Citizen Ciccio, selected […]

Drill baby drill 2

Drill baby drill

One day the people who live in a small village located in far eastern Poland near the Ukrainian border, an ecologically pristine agricultural area called the lungs of Poland discover that Chevron, the world’s fourth largest energy corporation plans to build a shale gas well in their village. LECH KOWALSKI […]

EARTH due parole sul futuro (two words on the future)

A motionless non-place, a metaphor for a world exploited and vilified. Five youngsters are trying to save the planet. Two artists construct ostraka, engraved with words to exile and others to support, for the good of the Earth, suggested by hundreds of scholars. These are cries of alarm, food for […]

EARTH due parole sul futuro

ETHIOPIA RISING: Red Terror to Green Revolution

ETHIOPIA RISING is the story of the phenomenal environmental transformation of a nation told through the experience of one man, Aba Hawi. He mobilises an entire community to regenerate a region in northern Ethiopia. It’s the story how they face drought, famine and conflict in a monumental struggle to restore […]

ETHIOPIA RISING: Red Terror to Green Revolution 2

Food in the woods 2

Food in the woods

Chaco Region is one of the last great wilderness areas left in the world. Due to the expansion of cattle frontier, indiscriminate deforestation is at its peak. Part of the cultural and alimentary habits of indigenous peoples still depends on the forest. Andrea Ruffini Andrea Ruffini is a documentary filmmaker […]

Full Petrol Jacket

In the Amazon the ” Supreme company” is intent on educating new recruits . Inspired by the slogan of one of these companies ( ” yes, we agree” ) the short film wants to denounce the devastation in Ecuador is destroying the ecosystem , causing diseases and environmental pollution .

Programma 11

Get a dream or die trying 1

Get a dream or die trying

For several months  refugees and migrants from Africa and Asia crowd into the edge of the French town of Calais trying to reach England. They are concentrated in the opposite side of Eurotunnel, an area that they call “Jungle”, a sort of bidonville, just ten kilometers away from the center […]

GOA The Land of Shiva

In 1954, an Italian named Baron Ludovic Toeplitz arrived in Goa. With the financial support of an enterprising Italian, Alessandro Vassallo, Toeplitz is looking for iron ore for blast furnaces in Europe. He acquires the mining concession Orasso Dongor in North Goa and starts a new company, Sesa Goa, Eonomici […]

GOA The Land of Shiva 3

História do Futuro

Historia do futuro (History of the future)

 Inalva is a teacher. Jose Carlos Levinho is an anthropologist. Robson is a student in Physical Education (at the University). Zè is a researcher, the guardians of Tupì-Guaranì language. Fernando is a cultural operator. Their stories reveal the impact of mega events on a metropolis such as Rio de Janeiro, […]

I love Malaventre

Un breve omaggio a un territorio, un piccolo paesino situato tra il mare e le alpi Apuane. Il video è stato realizzato nell’arco di circa due anni, registrando immagini statiche del paesaggio per restituire l’affascinante mutamento cromatico della terra e del cielo nel susseguirsi delle stagioni e delle semine.

I love Malaventre 1

I Vajont

I Vajont (The Vajonts)

The tragedy of the Vajont was one of the first major staging of caste and mafia organizations to pursue economic interests at the expense of a community. A scenario that in Italy repeats itself after each tragedy. Not a single Vajont, but many Vajont screaming to be told and heard. […]

Il Giardino delle Biodiversità (The Garden of Biodiversity)

The social experiment of the Sicilian Consortium “The Happy Hens” for the building of eco-sustainable communities, aware of the relationship between parts and the whole. Active and creative resistance to urbanization and anthropization that take away space for natural life and crops. Mutual acceptance for all biodiversity: biological, ethnic, cultural, […]

Il giardino delle biodiversità 1

K2 and the Invisible Footmen 5

K2 and the Invisible Footmen

Located on the border between Pakistan and China, K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth. For many climbers, it is an even greater prize than Everest, with limited routes, a steeper ascent, and a harder push to its summit. Nicknamed the ‘Savage Mountain,’ K2’s peak juts unprotected into the atmosphere, […]

Les Agronautes

Our family adventure to become farmers on the outskirts of the city. We are farmers in a small town near Lyon. Highways, houses and commercial areas nibble gradually agricultural space. Land prices is getting so high that peasants can’t afford it and have to go away, even as citizens demanding […]


L’avvelenata. Cronaca di una deriva

The author uses several thorough interviews to create an interesting reportage about environmental disaster occurred in Calabria when the motor vessel “Rosso” , in 1990, run on the cost of Calabria. Claudio Metallo Claudio Metallo was born in Campora S.G. (CS). He graduated at DAMS in Bologna and worked for […]

L’avvelenata. Cronaca di una deriva 1

Mare Nostro 1

Mare nostro (Our sea)

Molfetta, a southern Italian town overlooking the Adriatic.Here the sea is not only the background of picturesque postcard landscapes.Fishing and maritime trade have shaped over the centuries the social and economic ecosystem of the city.Through the voices of some fishermen, Mare Nostro weaves and reassembles fragments and memories of a […]

Mingong 4


“What does it mean to leave? Leave friends, newborn children, the mountains where you grew up? Get on the bus, to the big city. Living in five in one room, the same as thousands of other rooms. What does it mean to return? See a village of elders aging run […]

No Rest. No Haste.

“No Rest. No Haste.” is a participatory project of Kameradists about indigenous people fighting against the speculation of western corporations. The interviews were based on numerous messages from people fromthe Federal Republic to the indigenous people. The Kameradists are a free association for documentary filmmaking and documentary photography with a […]

No Rest. No Haste. 1

Pentukun. Salute e cultura Mapuche


Pentukun is a documentary about the role of natural elements in Mapuche’s medical culture. The documentary investigates the conception of health and illness in indigenous culture and the relationship between this vision of medicine and western conception of drugs. Eduardo Masset & Elizabeth Luthard Eduardo Masset was born in Córdoba, […]

Raver Eolica

A contemporary Don Quixote is wandering in the countryside with his faithful Sancho Panza, when his motorcycle break down in front of a field of wind turbines located in the middle of nowhere. The windmill is an opponent to challenge? Maybe not, cannot be bad something nourished by the wind. […]

Raver Eolica 9

Sai Nam Tid Shoer 1

Sai Nam Tid Shoer

Amidst the tranquility of the deep woods, the habitants of Klity, in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, have always led a simple life. They have fed on the fish populating the town’s creek, but for some time now the river has been contaminated by a mineral processing factory. A young local man dives […]

Sans terre c’est la faim

A travers trois exemples (Cambodge, Mali, Ouganda), le film explore le revers du phénomène mondial d’investissement foncier et son impact sur l’agriculture familiale. Il donne la parole à des agriculteurs directement touchés par la saisie de leur terre, leurs histoires personnelles se mêlent aux images de communautés qui luttent pour […]

Sans terre c’est la faim 1

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SEED: The Untold Story

As many irreplaceable seeds near extinction, SEED reveals the harrowing and heartening story of passionate seed keepers as they wage a David and Goliath battle against chemical seed companies, defending a 12,000 year food legacy.

Steadfast on our sand

A documentary about landscape creation and nature control. A mesmeric film about the islander community and its contradictory habits and traditions. A cowboy movie with herds running in the meadow at sunset and white horses resting in the dark of the night, a documentary film about artificial nature and landscape […]

Steadfast on our sand 1

Terra di transito

The documentary, produced in partnership with Amnesty International, follows the life of Rashell, a Kurdish refugee trying to escape from his country to reach the North of Europe. Paolo Martino Reporter and documentary filmmaker, has been living for years in the Middle East. In 2011 he obtained a European journalism […]

Terra di transito 1

Terra per il nostro cibo 3

The Land for our food

The Land for our Food is a documentary movie produced by the Access to Land network and directed by Julio Molina. The video takes us on the journey of Gavin Bridger, a grower from the Community Supported Agriculture project of Farnham Local Food in England, through various European countries in […]

The Perfect Protein

While the sea lives its greatest famine in its history, only 30 countries control more than 90% of the catch. The Oceana NGO and the world’s best chefs offer alternatives to over-fishing that would allow them to feed part of humanity.

The Perfect Protein

The rice bomber 1

The rice bomber

 Based on real events that took place in Taiwan in 2003, Cho Li’s socially aware drama The Rice Bomber follows a farmer who takes a stand against the government policies that are destroying the country’s agriculture and devastating the lives of people in rural areas. Cho Li Cho Li is a producer-director. […]

The Songs of Rice

This is a visual record of rice culture and its influences on the people in different parts of Thailand. The lyrical structure of this documentary film reflects the melodies in the songs of rice, crafted and composed by the diverse harmonies of the people who may sing in different voices […]

The Songs of Rice 1

The voice of the land 7

The voice of the land

What does it mean today to be a farmer in Romania? The country has nearly 5 million active farmers, 50% of all European farmers. In thousands of villages industrialization has not arrived or came too quickly, erasing years of history and subjecting these lands to expropriation and speculation. A trip […]

The Water Law

Through the discussion of a new (wrongful) Forest Code that was approved by the Brazilian congress, we hear many voices on the matter and reflect on the necessity of immediate action. For the first time the relation between the maintenance of forests and quality of watersupply becomes so clear and serious. […]

The Water Law 2

Tra Terra e Acqua 1

Tra Terra e Acqua (Between Land and Water)

The documentary Between Land and Water, realized with the contribution of the CMU and the legal advice Cultural Association, was produced by Lastcam Film Production and Video under Project Civic Uses – Collective Ownership: Video necklace on the collective properties in Italy. Recounts the historical, legal, and cultural aspects […]

Uma Kori. Agua valiosa

At 24, Lourdes remains a widow, with five dependent children. They live in an indigenous community near the city of Peace and despite this they have no access to basic resources such as water. They have to fight this complex reality every day. Patricia Albornoz Chilean Filmmaker, born in Santiago […]

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Wind of Change 2

Wind of Change

This documentary gives the drought a human face and brings us closer to the challenges that individuals face from climate change. The film follows a farmer in Kenya with big dreams and a vision for his family’s future. He and his family fight against the effects of both global and […]