Mare Nostro 2

After the Festival … here are the winners and special mentions of the Jury!

And here are the winners of the thirteenth edition of Festival delle Terre with the Jury motivations.

Crocevia award goes to

Mare nostro

for the ability to tell about a port, its community and the workers who guard its tradition and age-old wisdom, without giving up an aesthetic approach and powerful film idea, in which the image is never just a story tool but itself intrinsically narrative

Honorable mentions by Centro Internazionale Crocevia to


for telling us that inside every horrible story there is always a way out and this is the possibility of rebuilding a country with coexistence

The voice of the land

an unsettling and human story that reminds us how the political and social changes are often the instrument of big business to win new markets at the expense of traditions and indigenous cultures

Capulcu: Voices from Gezi

for the ability to tell with a dynamic story the different voices of the people who resisted against the occupation of the public areas and the denial of human rights.

Audience award goes to

I Vajont

Berta Film award goes to