64 submissions, thanks to the authors from Festival delle terre

We’re finishing these days the selection of the works enrolled in the 2016 Festival.

We received 64 works from many places and in many languages. The authors have sent their works from Greece, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Turkey, India, USA, Iran, Estonia, UK, France, Russia and, of course, Italy.

Not all films will be featured in the festival. In four days we will be able to screen approximately 20 of them. In selecting thus we are forced to exclude some good work. But still we hope they can be proposed in the “satellite” events of the festival.

From Festival delle Terre and Crocevia many thanks to all the authors for allowing us to learn about their interesting works!

We’ll wait for you December 1 to 4 at Cinema Trevi, Vicolo del Puttarello, 25, in the center of Rome, near the Trevi Fountain. Do not miss it!