Festival delle Terre crowdfunding campaign launched! 2

Festival delle Terre crowdfunding campaign launched!

Crocevia, through Festival delle Terre, from 13 years tells stories about denial of human rights, resistances and alternatives for biodiversity preservation, considered as biological, social and cultural diversity.

We are asking you to support the Festival because we still believe that another world is possible and future is unwritten. Before writing the future we need to see it in the faces of people who are daily building this new future fighting against injustices, read it in the words of their tales, our tales.

Before writing we need to imagine

In these recent years, dominated by wars, exploitations, racism and new borders we have a lot to imagine and to build in order to fight against who want to decide even what we’re going to eat.

We need resistance and cooperation between recistances all around the world

Support Festival delle Terre!



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