Festival delle Terre 2018

This year Centro Internazionale Crocevia turns 60 years of activity; to pay tribute to the long history of the association, Festival delle Terre, now at its 15th edition, will have a traveling formula.

The 2018 edition in fact leaves for a year the usual three days of Roman screenings to propose to the public of several Italian cities a selection of some of the most significant works of the past editions along with some interesting previews.

The first stop on this route was the agricultural community of Urupia where we proposed the film winner of the last edition: “Chaco” by Ignacio Ragone, Juan Fernández Gebauer and Ulises De La Orden, an award-winning work halfway between documentary and animation that follows history of several indigenous communities of the Gran Chaco territory. The second stop will be the Green Movie Film Festival, a festival dedicated to the meeting between cinema, environment and the values ​​of sustainability scheduled from 11 to 13 October at Cinema Aquila in Rome. On October 12th, within this framework, Festival delle Terre will present a preview of the new work by Danilo Licciardello “NBT, New Breeding Techniques, The new GMOs”

The third touring appointment is scheduled for the month of November where we will be guests of “All in the same dish” in Trento “.

Will follow yet to be defined projections in Bologna, Turin, Milan and Cagliari.

The other stages … we are organizing them. We thank those who organized the first stages with us and invite authors and authors to send us their film. We will suggest them during our appointments, in the partner festivals and / or program them for the 2019 edition.